Fallen Tree Removal Services & Lawn Care

When a tree falls on your home or someone else’s nearby, someone is definitely going to hear it and hopefully you have homeowner’s insurance.  There is no procrastinating or waiting around, especially when colder temperatures mean that you want to get the trees out of there as quickly as possible so repairs can be made on the building.  That is why Lawn Care 7 Tree Service always answers our office calls, even if we are not there in person after hours.  If you need to get a hazardous fallen tree removed, we consider it an emergency situation, that requires immediate response from an emergency arborist.  Whether it is from extreme gusts, disease, rot, or lightening you will not have to worry about your tree being there the next day when you give us a call.

Even if trees have not yet fallen and are looking a little sick, our trusted diagnostics services will let you know all the possible options for a gorgeous lawn.  At first, you may have thought that cutting down that tree was the only solution, but many customers are surprised to find that Lawn Care 7 also understands tree care and how to help them recover if it is still possible.

We offer the best in lawn care techniques like tree trimming, that are also eco-friendly.  Usually, our competition uses harsh chemicals to get the job done, but we always use environmentally safe products which means that as soon as today even, you could be playing with your kids or dogs on a fresh, clean, and chemical free lawn.