Stump Grinder & Tree Trimming Services

The reason why any really good tree care specialist will always carry proof of insurance when meeting customers, is because having insurance and licensing means that they and you as well will be safeguarded from the many possible risks associated with the use of heavy equipment.  If someone untrained or with not enough experience attempts to use very powerful machinery such as stump grinders, could result in serious bodily harm or injury.  Although the condition of your home and yard front are the main goal, our company thinks of safety as our main rule and regulation.

Some folks may be put off by the rising costs of big wig tree care services, but Lawn Care 7 Tree Service can bring you the most safe and organized conditions on our work sites all at an affordable price, guaranteed.  Even if you have already had trees removed from your yard in the past, we recommend you finish the job by eliminating tree stumps as well.  The reason for this is that they often disrupt the open space of your lawn and also serve as a tripping hazard.  Stump grinding can be quite messy, but we promise that Lawn Care 7 will always leave our sites just as clean as before the job by picking up branches or leftover tree debris. We also offer tree trimming surfaces that will help the health of the arbor around you home; if you have tree branches that are unreachable, trust that our arborists have great tree climbing skills and will always take care to the surrounding areas and neighbors while trimming.